• metalsmith • patagonia • argentina
  • silver • wood • deer antlers
    gaucho-like and argentine native
    shapes and materials
  • silversmith • patagonia • argentina
  • traditional & everyday use
    design & beauty
  • silversmith • patagonia • argentina
  • personal vision of the
    creole style
About me

I began learning this trade with emiliano céliz, in his workshop in 2007.
He provided me with the knowledge to enter the world of silversmithing.
I am especially attracted to the style of the country man and his belongings, which has led me to develop my own view of the creole style over the years, which is reflected in the knives, buckles, and classic boleadoras that I make.

The Studio

I work in my own workshop in san martin de los andes, where I receive people who are interested in seeing my process. I spend most of my time shaping and combining different materials such as silver, wood, and red deer antlers, which are authentic to patagonia. I intend to reflect simplicity while joining traditional style and everyday use, and am aided by the beauty of these materials.

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Some pieces

creole tradition
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